Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Photography freezes a moment in time that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Video brings you right back to that moment and allows you to relive those moments. Bringing in all the elements of photography, video, audio and music together, I create a complete emotional story. I want to create something that you watch every year on your anniversary and you re-live all of the raw moments from your wedding day.

Prairie Productions // Allison + Chris

“Spending any time with them will result in you walking away with sore cheeks and sides from laughing so hard. The joy that surrounds them, that radiates from them is infectious.”

Allison + Chris made their Prairie Productions wedding perfectly unique. Walking into the reception room, you got an instant impression of their unique style. Vintage cameras were the center piece for each table, surrounded by classic books and old family photos. 

Chris’s best man gave an amazing toast that was perfectly balance with humor and tears. Being a single guy, you’d think he wouldn’t be so sentimental, but he choked back tears as he read from his list of “how to know when it’s time to get married.”

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Knickerbocker Hotel // Dina + Andrew

Dina + Andrew’s Knickerbocker Hotel wedding was elegant, fun, and full of amazing moments from start to finish! “Since the very first day they met, they find each other hilarious.”

The both attended the University of Georgia, but they never met while they were there. Because they are so perfect for each other, they were destined to meet. Dina moved to Chicago and played Chicago host to her good friends when they were new to the city. They invited Dina out for dinner and brought along their only other friend in Chicago, Andrew. Their chemistry was obviously from that first meeting at Crosby Kitchen, but they stayed friends for a while. I’m guessing Andrew had crush on Dina instantly because he offered to hang her drapes and cook her dinner. What “friend” would do that unless he was smitten?

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Architectural Artifacts // Emily + Matt

After meeting at the University of Illinois, Matt + Emily became good friends. Eventually friendship turned to romance and 10 years later, romance turned to marriage. Because Emily + Matt wanted a traditional first look, they didn’t see each other until Emily walked down the aisle with her Dad. The look on Matt’s face when he saw his bride was definitely a good pay off! 

Emily + Matt love their fur babies with all their heart, so it was fitting that her friend recited a poem she wrote. Written from their dog’s perspective, it was funny and sweet.

“Run, romp and play daily. Be loyal. When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently. And above all, love each other unconditionally.

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Architectural Artifacts // Whitney + Jarad

“There’s a saying, it’s not about the breaths that you take in life, but the moments that take your breath away. Today Whitney, you have done just that.” – Whitney’s Dad, Jeff

Because Whitney and her mom have amazing style, they created the most beautiful table settings with a hot pink and gold color theme.  The elegant design fit perfectly into the industrial setting of Architectural Artifacts in Raveswood. Whitney found vintage wine crates from various wineries in California and decorated them with a mirror top to reflect the gold painted mason jars and colorful flowers. Whitney and her mom definitely have a talent for decorating because the place looked stunning!

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Promontory Point // Liezl + Adam

With gorgeous tropical florals draping the archway overlooking the lake, Adam + Liezl exchanged their sweet “I do’s” at their Promontory Point Wedding.

“If we did the statistics, I’m sure a boy from Taiwan marrying a girl from Northern California after meeting in Houston and getting married in Chicago has a lower chance than winning the powerball. So, I’m just going to call it fate.”

Because they grew up in very different part of the world, the likelihood that their paths would cross seemed unlikely. But fate seems to know when two people are so perfect for each other as Liezl + Adam. They met in Houston when they were both studying to be doctors. It was not love at first sight, but they developed a strong bond.

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Mid America Club // Kelly + Mark

When Kelly + Mark  said their I dos at their Mid America Club wedding, the setting was perfect for them. They met at the University of Missouri and connected instantly. They were kindred spirits as the heart of their friend groups. 

Mark’s best man started off the speeches with one of the greatest lines in a best man speech. “Mark, you may be the lawyer, but Kelly’s the judge.”

Mark is a serious lawyer and Kelly loves nothing more than to stay home on a Saturday night playing video games. Her Diddy Kong Racing was her first video game. She played with her patient Dad and never let him win!

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Salvatore’s // Runia + Josh

“Josh, you’re walking away with an extremely nice and kind woman, who is intelligent, loyal and will be an amazing wife and mother. Runia, you’re walking away with a gorgeous dress, really nice flowers and a guy who has a fettish for Mazda Miatas.” – Josh’s best man

Living near the State Street Train station, they chose this spot for their romantic first look. Runia has the most dazzling smile and when she saw her handsome groom, her face lit up. Salvatore’s was the perfect setting for Runia + Josh to get hitched and dance the night away!

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The Haight // Lindsey + Lucas

The Haight was the perfect setting for Lindsay and Lucas’s rustic style wedding! Because the unique loft style space has so many fun touches like the vintage piano and the hollywood style lights in the groom’s room, amazing photos are unlimited.

Champagne was popping and N’Sync was jamming on the iPad as they got makeup and hair done. They all chose variations of windswept braids to match the rustic charm of the Haight. 

While cards and gifts were exchanged, Lucas wrote a long love letter to his beautiful bride. Lindsey’s note was a little shorter which was a big surprise to Lucas since Lindsey is known never to be at a loss for words. 

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Elements at Water Street // Amber + Dan

“Not many people can say they fell in love with their soulmate not once but twice in their life…”

Because Amber + Dan met and fell in love in high school, they parted ways when they went off to college to have new adventures. They never got over each other and apparently often talked about their great high school romance to their friends. After graduating from college, they reconnected and this time they were not going to let go of each other! It’s easy to see the chemistry they have between them.

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Rolling Green Country Club // Michelle + Ashton

“…with each paper that I touch, reflections of special moments start to build up. They build up the tears in my eyes and every drop that falls reminds me how great these years have been. Michelle + Ashton, now it’s your time to collect the memories of your life.”

Michelle’s Dad gave such a sweet and sentimental toast that I can’t watch their video without tearing up!

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Marriott Griffin Gate Lexington, Kentucky // Vanessa + Steve

“Every once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life,  love gives you a fairytale.”  Vanessa’s sister ended her sweet and tearful toast with that beautiful line that was so fitting for Vanessa + Steve.

Since Vanessa met Steve while they were working at DisneyWorld, their fairytale had the perfect beginning. Vanessa noticed Steve from afar and the two of them starting chatting over email. Some of Vanessa’s friends decided to play cupid and arranged a group outing so that they could finally meet in person.

It was interest at first email and love at first meeting. Because they were inseparable after their first date, they decided to move to Chicago and leave the Magic Kingdom behind. They went from the happiest place on earth to one of the most magical moments in sports history. Vanessa started working for the Cubs and helped the team during the long awaited win of the their first World Series in 108 years!

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Armour House at Lake Forest Academy // Alison + Pat

While studying accounting at University of Illinois, Pat first laid eyes on Alison. It was not love at first site, but apparently the handsome Pat made quite an impression. Years later she asked a friend about Pat and the rest is history. 

Alison is beautiful, classy, sweet and fun. Most noteworthy, she loves sports! A beautiful girl who loves sports – how could Pat resist? The best man was right when he said in his toast to Pat, “You got yourself a keeper.” Just watching them you can tell how much fun they have together. Because Alison flashes her mega-watt smile, Pat is like a smitten school boy.

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Chicago History Museum  // Lisa + Mark

How could you not fall in love with a man that makes his Dad his best man?

Lisa + Mark planned their beautiful wedding at the Chicago History Museum. Because it was also the day of the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day parade , we got some green river photos. After their emotional first look where they both teared up, we couldn’t let an opportunity go by to stop along the Chicago green river for some photos.

Their ceremony was filled with beautiful readings, laughter and the groom getting choked up saying his vows. While guests enjoyed cocktails and some of the exhibits, the classic ballroom was transformed. After the touchings toasts, Lisa + Mark went around the room and chatted each of their 200+ wedding guests. The whole evening was filled with such warmth and I could feel how much this beautiful couple is loved by their friends and family.

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Assumption Catholic Church and Ravenswood Event Center  // Amy & Marty

Since Amy + Marty met at the University of Illinois, they had a lot of friends to celebrate with. On their wedding day, they got ready separately at the Hotel Allegro with their family and friends and then they were off to Assumption Church. Amy beamed as her dad walked her down the aisle to her nervous groom. 

Surrounded by vintage Ferrari’s and other classic sports cars, the party was only getting started when the toasts began. Because Amy + Marty are so loved by their family and friends, the toasts were sweet. Amy’s cousins gushed about what a sweet and thoughtful person she is and Marty’s older brothers talked about how much they look up to him and admire his many accomplishments. Most noteworthy, Marty’s brother talked about Amy and what a beautiful person she is inside and out. After dinner, the party started! Limbo and a traditional Irish dance were only part of the festivities!

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World of Whirlpool  // Katie + Nick

Katie + Nick met by chance on a fun karaoke night out with friends. Whether it was Katie’s amazing performance or her beautiful smile that lured Nick in, the sparks flew from that moment on.

Since they planned their wedding at the World of Whirlpool, guests enjoyed the most amazing view of the Chicago River. Guests were treated to different food stations at the many full service kitchens around the venue. After noshing on the delicious food, Katie’s Dad choked back tears as he toasted his daughter and the wonderful man she found to share her life with. After the touching toasts, guests danced the night away and enjoyed the view on the enormous rooftop deck overlooking the river.

Since Katie studied abroad in France during college, she is a Parisian at heart. As a result, she now uses her love of the french language teaching. Where else would they go on their honeymoon? Paris, of course! Très bien!

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Armour House at Lake Forest Academy // Nicolette + Steve

When Steve met Polish beauty Nicolette met at the University of Illinois, they instantly clicked and their adventures together began. They have traveled the world and are planning a romantic Italian honeymoon.

Nicolette + Steve planned an exquisite wedding, from her amazing dress to the matching socks the groomsmen wore. Because of Steve’s notably bad sense of fashion, Nicolette has colored his life. Early on in their relationship, Nicolette called into the “Eric and Kathy” morning radio show to anonymously complain about his fashion sense. Steve’s mom recognized her voice! Big laughs were had at that story during the maid-of-honor speech.

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Chicago History Museum  // Michael + Andrew

Andrew + Michael popped into my camera about a year ago while shooting another wedding. The chemistry between them was obvious. They clearly are enamored with each other. Michael is an elegant former Joffrey ballet dancer and Andrew has a big sweet personality with a love of fashion. He rocked the greatest long velvet jacket, which Michael bought in the 80’s and kept all these years!

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South Shore Cultural Center  // Gena + Bret

Gena + Bret met in their dorm building at the University of Madison. From the moment that Bret saw Gena, he was smitten by her and pulled out all the stops to win her over. For their first date, Bret took her to a fancy restaurant – on a student budget! It was clear from the beginning that they had a very special and unshakable bond. Their lives changed as they graduated from college and moved onto careers and their relationship as grown stronger.

Gena + Bret planned their wedding at the beautiful South Shore Cultural Center, which is where President Barack and Michelle were married.

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Artango Bistro // Anna + Daniel

Daniel was outed by his best man as being a “wild man,” but he tamed his wild ways as soon as he met the stunning Russian beauty. Anna + Daniel come from pretty different backgrounds, but when they are together all of their differences disappear. They laugh secretly together as if they are speaking a language that only they know. They planned a wedding day perfectly suited for them.

After a romantic first look on the rooftop of the Godfrey Hotel, they had so much fun dancing in the traffic near the Chicago Theater and walking along the Chicago Riverwalk. Guests enjoyed a beautiful summer evening sipping cocktails at Artango Bistro followed by an intimate ceremony. After the ceremony it was time to party!

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Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club // Jenny + Mike

Super athletic couple, Jenny + Mike met while they were competitive swimmers. They bonded over their love of sports and they also both have an artistic side and love to create. Jenny designed the centerpieces for the wedding and Mike has been busy designing furniture for their home.

Mike’s good friend served as the officiant for the couple and gave a wonderful tribute to the couple filled with sweet stories and funny moments. Mike’s 95 year old grandpa was in attendance and had the time of his life, dancing the night away with his wife! His words of wisdom made it into the ceremony, “hold her close and kiss her often.” I think Mike + Jenny took that advice to heart because they couldn’t stop kissing!

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The Crown at Tribune Tower  // Jenny + Dave

Chicago was a very special place for them because it is where they met and fell in love twelve years ago. Jenny was from Chicago, while Dave was from London. Against all odds they made their long distance relationship work, logging in many many travel miles! Jenny eventually moved to London to be with the love of her life. They planned an amazing outdoor ceremony at the top of the Tribune building.

Mother Nature decided to give them one more good story to tell. Just as the ceremony started, the skies opened up and everyone had to rush inside to escape the downpour. The ceremony didn’t go as planned, but it didn’t matter because there was so much love in that room. Jenny’s childhood friend served as the officiant and her speech was filled with sweet stories about how the couple met and started their lives together. Dave and Jenny exchanged their own vows. It’s obvious how much they truly adore each other.

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