East Bank Club Wedding


Storytelling Video

Wedding photography freezes a moment in time that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Video brings you right back to that moment and allows you to relive those moments. Bringing in all the elements of photography, video, audio and music together, I create a complete emotional story. I want to create a cinematic memory that you watch every year on your anniversary and you re-live all of the raw moments from your wedding day.

Anna + Brian

Walden Chicago Wedding

"And now, Anna, you have a new role as wife, partner and eventually mother. I know you hold this near and dear to your heart. The love, loyalty and compassion that you've shown over the years."

Shauna + Logan

Spruce Mountain Ranch, Colorado Wedding

"Immediately we became great friends. Dreaming about what our lives would be. Logan went on to design rockets. I became a potato chip salesman."

Neha + Ankush

Artifact Events Wedding

"Every parent wishes and hopes that their child chooses the right partner. One day, Neha  and I were chatting and she said something about Ankush that just touched my heart. Today, I can say Neha, you chose the right partner. "

Leah + Steve

Galleria Marchetti New Year's Eve Wedding

"Love is a friendship that has caught fire. Steve, you add fire to her sparkle."

Bridget + Joey

Danada House Wedding

“Every experience, every new place, every celebration is sweeter with you. Joey, you are my best friend, my handsome goofball and my forever teammate.”

Olivia + Alex

South Shore Cultural Center Wedding

"I've seen his wonderful development as a human being. A man of substance. He continues to surprise me, but he has most impressed me with his choice of partner."

Vanessa + Alex

Congress Hotel Wedding

"It was such a momentous occasion. When our parents were in town and wanted to take us out to dinner. Alex nonchalantly said I'm going to bring my friend Vanessa. It was at that point that I knew Vanessa was the girl that he was going to marry."

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