Wisconsin Summer Lake Lawn Wedding // Sarah + Alex

April 16, 2018

Smiles for days at Sarah + Alex’s Lake Lawn wedding in Delavan, Wisconsin!

Sarah had fun with her bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done at the Lake Lawn Resort spa. Helping her get into her dress, her mom was anxious to get the day started. Sarah seemed completely at ease as she was getting ready to leave for the ceremony. Her bridesmaids needed a quick tequila shot to start the day! Sarah’s big strong Dad was reduced to tears of joy seeing his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress. Meanwhile, Alex was having fun goofing around with his groomsmen. 

“You guys know how to have a good time and you’re going to have many more adventures. Alex, you picked a great partner to go with you.”

It was beautiful HOT day in Delavan as the bride crew headed to the St. Andrew Catholic church. The feeling in the church was fun as guests chatted and laughed before the ceremony. Sarah beamed as she walked down the aisle with her Dad. A smile is always on Alex’s face, but tears welled up in his eyes as he saw his beautiful bride. The priest had a pretty good sense of humor as he began his homily with an electrical outlet to compare marriage to the spark of electricity. 

“Sarah, you are so beautiful. You turned out to be such a fine young woman. Growing up, Sarah was probably the kindest person I ever knew.”

After they shared their first kiss, it was time to celebrate! The bridal party headed to Lake Geneva for photos by the lake. The bright sun matched the mood. Despite the heat, Sarah + Alex enjoyed their first moments as newlyweds. They joked and laughed and had the time of their lives enjoying the beautiful scene. 

The reception for their Lake Lawn wedding Delavan kicked off with a cocktail hour in the resort garden. Proving that Sarah + Alex have a pretty good sense of humor, they had blown of photos of them as little kids to greet guests as they entered the dining room. 

“So many memories. And then Alex came into the picture and the memories just got better. Last summer was my favorite when he only tanned one side of his body the entire summer. And I really hope that’s a tradition that continues.”

Reception – Lake Lawn Resort

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