I’m not ashamed to admit I’m really pretty boring. My favorite things in life are cuddling with my new puppy, making dinner with hubby and watching movies together on a Sunday afternoon when it’s raining or snowing outside. I love documentary movies and spending a Friday night editing photos. We’re not always chilling on the sofa and we’ve enjoyed the most amazing trips, most recently to Portugal.


I met my wonderful hubby through my best friend, who is also his cousin. He had been living in Houston and moved back to Chicago. My friend slyly planned a meeting at her upcoming birthday party. I had seen some photos of him and was really excited to meet him. But when he showed up to the party he brought with him…a date! I was crushed! We ended up talking most of the evening and lucky for me, there wasn’t a second date with the other girl.

We love to travel! Who doesn’t, right? My hubby had a life goal to run with the bulls in Pamplona. Several years ago we made it happen. We spend some time in Barcelona and enjoyed sangria, tapas and a stroll along the beach. We took a one day trip to Mallorca, which was so fun! We took a short flight over with just what we were wearing and had the best day!

After our wedding in Florida, I wanted more wedding photos with my hubby, so I took my wedding dress along on our honeymoon. My husband wasn’t thrilled about lugging the dress along, which took up half of our suitcase! But he loves the photos we took in Paris and Positano.

Life is better with a dog!

I’ve fallen helplessly in love with Bernese Mountain dogs. I had always had little dogs and I was not at all into the big slobbery drooling dogs, but my hubby has his heart set. These diabolical love bugs will cuddle up with you and give you their sweet puppy dog kisses and you’re defenseless to their love.