The Chicago Riverwalk has some of the most stunning wedding and engagement spots.

From the classic Wrigley Building wedding photo to the more adventurous lower wacker drive photo, there are endless spots around the river for gorgeous wedding and engagement photos.


Light and airy wedding photography Wrigley Building wedding.

Wrigley Building

The Wrigley Building overlooking the river is an iconic spot for wedding photos, but there are always crowds of tourists.


Chicago Spring Engagement Photo

East of Michigan Avenue

This is a beautiful view of the river, Michigan Avenue bridge and the Wrigley Building. This is one of the few spots along the riverwalk where there is not a fence by the water.

Bridesmaids in purple dresses laughing for light and airy wedding photos at the Wrigley Building.


Wrigley Building


The ornate texture and shape of the Wrigley Building makes this a unique photo spot.


Light and airy wedding photo along the Chicago Riverwalk.

Wabash Bridge

This is one of my favorite bridge photo spots. The architecture of the buildings in the background with the bridge leading lines makes a perfect wedding photo.


chicago riverwalk wedding photography

Walkway from Michigan Avenue

This is a little secluded spot leading down to the river. There's a great view of the Wrigley Building and the river.


Chicago Riverwalk Wedding

Walkway from Wabash Ave.

I love this review because the fence and the bridge converge in an interesting way with the buildings providing a nice backdrop.


light and airy chicago wedding photographer

Near the Wrigley Building

It's an effort to get to this spot because you have to walk through lower Wacker Drive. But the view is amazing and there's rarely other pedestrians.

light and bright chicago wedding photographer


North Side

The north side of the riverwalk has several great spots that are a little more private.


Chicago Spring Engagement

The Marina

This area of the riverwalk near City Winery is called the Marina. On a beautiful sunny day, there will be lots of people walking by, but the view is beautiful.

Chicago riverwalk light and airy wedding photos


Walking West

Heading west along the riverwalk, you'll walk past different sections along the riverwalk.


Chicago Riverwalk Wedding

The Cove

Continuing west, there are several jetties which are great spots for photos.

Light and airy engagement photography on the LaSalle Street Bridge.


LaSalle Street Bridge

The LaSalle Street Bridge is an iconic bridge with a view of the Chicago Board of Trade in the background.


Engagement Chicago Riverwalk

River Roast

Across from the River Roast, this lovely spot catches the LaSalle Street bridge and the twinkle lights of the River Roast.

Wells Street Bridge engagement.


Wells Street Bridge

The Wells Street Bridge is a unique bridge along the riverwalk because the L train runs on top of the bridge. It's a fun spot for photos if you are brave enough to dodge the oncoming traffic.


Best Chicago Riverwalk engagement spot.

Wells Street

This overlook by the Wells Street bridge has a beautiful view of the clocktower, the river and the LaSalle Street bridge.

best chicago engagement spot light and bright photographer


Stairs to the Riverwalk

Every section along the riverwalk has a grand staircase leading from the street level to the riverwalk.


light and airy wedding photography

Franklin Street

This is one of my favorite wedding photo spots. It's an incredible view of the river and building. In addition, it's easy for a trolley to pull over to quickly get some photos.


best chicago wedding spot

Franklin Street

This a beautiful view of the whole river and the Merchandise Mart.

light and airy chicago wedding photographer emerald irish green wedding


Franklin Street Bridge

This is a great bridge for wedding photos because it's a beautiful view and there's not usually many pedestrians walking by.


fun Chicago riverwalk wedding photos

Lake Street Bridge

As the river branches, Lake Street Bridge connects the east and west points of the riverwalk.

chicago riverwalk elopement light and bright photography the boardwalk


The Boardwalk

Just below the Lake Street bridge with views of the bridge and the towering North Riverside building.

chicago riverwalk wedding light and bright photographer


The Jetty

Where the river branches, there's an expanded walkway and park leading to Lake Street.


Light and airy engagement photography.

320 River Bar

This section of the riverwalk is near the Westin Hotel and RPM Seafood.

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