Flawless Wedding Day Planning

Months and years of planning fly by so fast! Plan out the day so you can enjoy every little moment.

Timing is everything

Great photos take time

The more time I have to take photos, the better they will be. I can finesse the details of a photograph like making sure everyone is posed well, the composition looks good, the lighting is flattering. I can engage with you to get natural smiles and reactions.

Everything will take longer than you think

You should enjoy every second of your wedding day because it’s truly an amazing day. Nothing will spoil the day like stressing about being late. Ideally, I like to start taking photos early (if you are doing a first look) and have plenty of time to chill out before the ceremony.

There is a huge difference of the mood of the wedding day when we have allowed enough time for photos. We can relax and have fun taking photos. I get better photos because I have time to work with you. If we are stressing over time, it will be reflected in the photos.

Getting Ready

What to wear getting ready

Beautiful photos are all in the details. Wear something cute to get ready, like a silk robe or similar. If you are sporting a spaghetti stained t-shirt, you will not want these photos in the album.

Location matters

Select a place that will photograph well. Hotels are decorated beautifully and usually have large windows that provide natural light.

Getting ready at home

Select the room with the best light and get cleaning. Nothing looks worse in photos than clutter. I will do my best to tidy up, but that’s time I won’t be photographing.


Best Chicago Wedding Photography Spots

The city has so many amazing spots for beautiful Chicago wedding photos. Here are the best Chicago wedding photography locations, from the lakefront to the urban bridges.
Bride reading letter from groom

Love Letters

One of my favorite moments of a wedding day is when couples exchange cards and gifts. The most thoughtful gift I have ever seen a bride receive is from Alex to his bride Vanessa. Alex spent the year before their wedding creating a journal of all the little things they did together to plan the wedding. She had no idea he was doing this. She opened it on the morning of their wedding.

Little details & the fancy stuff

Real moments are definitely the best part of the wedding day. But it’s important to get some fun detail shots. These are always the first images I take on the wedding day. You spent a lot of time selecting all the little details of your wedding, so they should be remembered!

Love & Planning

Work with your photographer to have a solid schedule in place before the wedding. Plan the spots you would like to shoot and create a detailed schedule. Also have a backup plan in place in case of unfortunate weather. The more time I have to shoot the photos, the better they will be. I can finesse all of the little elements that make an image wonderful, like genuine emotion. It takes time for me to work with a couple and get you to be in the moment having fun.

An ideal estimate for timing is 2.5 hours for bride/groom and bridal party photos around town. We’ll be able to go to 2-3 different spots for photos so you are getting a variety of images.

Enjoy Every Moment!

I know you’ve heard it before, but your wedding day goes by so fast. Months and years of planning fly by so fast. Enjoy every little moment. You don’t want to look back on your wedding memories and think about how you stressed over this detail or that one. In the end, the details don’t matter. It’s the tearful moments with your mom as you put on your dress. That feeling of finally walking down the aisle to the love of your life as your Dad gives you away. Saying your vows as you start the most amazing journey of your life together. These are the moments that matter.