Since there is no predicting the weather, it's a good idea to have a backup plan for rainy day or just plain cold wedding photos.

A backup plan is essential when planning a Chicago wedding. There are many spots around town where you can head indoors for gorgeous wedding photos. There are some free options, but most places require a permit.

rookery building wedding


Rookery Building

The Rookery Building is a stunning spot for wedding photos! Located in the financial district near the Chicago Board of Trade, the Rookery Building features a lobby designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the infamous staircase. Plan ahead if you want to have Rookery Building wedding photos.

Advance notice and a permit is required for all photos.

garfield park conservatory wedding


Garfield Park Conservatory

Surrounded by huge windows and lush greenery, Garfield Park Conservatory wedding photos are the perfect spot whether it's raining or sunny.

A permit is required for wedding photography.

Lyric Opera House Wedding


Lyric Opera House

Located along Wabash Street, the Lyric Opera House grand columns are a beautiful spot to get out of the rain.

No permit required.


chicago cultural center wedding

Chicago Cultural Center

The Chicago Cultural Center is located along Michigan Avenue across from Millennium Park. The stunning Tiffany dome and the grand staircase make this a perfect spot for stunning wedding photos.

A permit is not required, but they have some photography rules.

lincoln park honeycomb wedding


Honeycomb in

Lincoln Park

The honeycomb pavilion by the Lincoln Park South Pond is covered by plexiglass, so it will keep you dry from rain. But it is a little walk to get there, so don't forget an umbrella!


Union Station Wedding Bride + Groom

Union Station

Union Station is such a classic Chicago spot and beautiful for wedding photos! The indoor staircase and the large columns near the entrance make for stunning scenery.


4th Presbyterian Church wedding

4th Presbyterian Church

Located on Michigan Avenue, right across from the Hancock, the 4th Presbyterian Church has a beautiful vine covered archway.

Chicago Athletic Association Wedding


Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

The lobby of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel has a beautiful staircase that was just meant for wedding photos!

Permit is required for wedding photography.


art institute wedding photo
art institute wedding photo

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is a unique spot for weddings photos. You make it a fun outing and take photos around the artwork and well as the architecture. A permit is not required, but you have to purchase tickets for everyone going in.

Can we still get beautiful images when it's overcast or raining?

Absolutely! A rainy Chicago wedding or engagement shoot can produce lovely tonal qualities and moody skies that you won't get on a sunny day. Don't forget an umbrella! Clear umbrellas are the perfect wedding accessory. They look pretty in pictures and they at least keep some rain off.

Bridesmaids Chicago Board of Trade
Rainy Day Wedding Chicago

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