Stephanie & Frank


Because of their mutual love of cross fit and brought this adorable couple together. Stephanie saw sweaty red faced Frank, lying lifeless on the floor. But he mustered up the courage to ask her out for a post workout cocktail. Between his awkward but genuine charm and complimenting her tattoos, things were off to a great start.

“After that he would tell everyone that he wanted to marry that girl, calling his shot with the confidence of Babe Ruth and the courting skills of a nervous teenager.”

As they were leaving the bar, Frank asked for her email address. Probably not the most charming way to ask for a second date! Luckily for Frank, he eventually found her phone number. Unfortunately, he didn’t identify himself in the text. She didn’t respond to his anonymous text, but luckily they eventually had chance meeting.

“You’ve taught me how pure thrilling and fulfilling love truly is.”

Their Virgin Hotel wedding was an intimate celebration with their six closest friends. They exchanged sweet vows and sipped pink champagne on the rooftop bar on a gorgeous February day.

After a stop along for iconic North Avenue Beach wedding pictures, Stephanie + Frank headed to their Lincoln Park home for a swanky cocktail party. Guests were greeted with an ice shot glass of tequila and then were treated to an elegant feast of tacos, mini burgers and pasta.

Ceremony – Virgin Hotel Chicago | Wedding Planner – Rachel de Marte | Decor – Tablescapes | Florals – Dilly Lilly | Eats – Entertaining Company